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Sanitizer Sessions: Episode One

My friend Evan Crommett is an actor and musician.  While preparing for his St. Patty's show at Arlene's Grocery, Covid-19 was beginning to hit NYC.  Understandably, his show was cancelled.  But what about those who had already purchased tickets?  Evan wanted to perform for the camera so they could enjoy his set from the safety of their own homes.  I was asked to film and edit these live music sets.  Andrew Feyer played bass and Isabel Alvarez was on piano.

Do You Want That? (original song)

Evan Crommett and Hannah Bailey sing an original piece "Do You Want That?" in response to the wildfires in Australia.

Hana Bookman | In My Town by Emily Burns

Choreography by Hana Bookman, music by Emily Burns

Two Very Good Pals


Two Very Good Pals

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Me and my pretty decent bud Evan Crommett write and produce sketches monthly.  Each video you see on the channel is edited by yours truly - and a special friend of TVGP, Tina Zhou, creates our graphics. 

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Chips | TVGP

AJ Nickell, Evan Crommett, and Jackson Dockery

Honest Abe - Prom Date

AJ Nickell, David Crommett, and Maria Mueller


AJ Nickell in "Serenity"

July 4th Special